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Egyptian cotton: our game-changer

All of our socks are made of Egyptian cotton. It is one of the most luxurious types of cotton in the world, which makes your ERWANS extremely comfortable and fancy.

Often dubbed as the “Cashmere of cotton”, Egyptian cotton is commonly used in the making of luxury bed linen. It is finer, softer, and lasts much longer. It is also more absorbent and more breathable than other kinds of cotton; and because of the quality of its fibers, the colours stay vibrant.

What’s not to love? Go ahead, be awesome.

Your ERWANS won’t let you down.

The Egyptian cotton we use actually comes from Egypt - it is not always the case - and grows in the Giza region, the best possible environment. We chose our supplier because it is the most trusted one of fine Egyptian cotton for luxury fashion houses around the world.

The cotton is looked after in a way that avoids the use of chemicals as much as possible. It is then harvested by hand, to put less stress on the fibres. Skilful and experienced spinners will then get rid of any residual contaminant, producing a pure, top-quality yarn spun. 

Our supplier has been producing this exceptional material for over 50 years, and this is partly the reason why your ERWANS are so smooth.