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Proudly made in Portugal

ERWANS is based in France, but we decided to team up with a factory in sunny Portugal. It assures us that we are working with the most skilful people, while they get decent salaries in a great environment. 

Our factory is established in Braga, in the northern part of Portugal. They have been making socks for some of the most prestigious luxury houses, such as Burberry, Gucci or Balenciaga.

And now, ERWANS.

They work with the finest material, like our Egyptian cotton, and we were won over by their rare, exceptional savoir-faire: hand-stitching.

It is a slow, very precise and meticulous process, to make sure that the toe and the heel blend in seamlessly with the sock. That way, the foot is not hindered by any extra thickness. The extra comfort is worth it, believe us. 

Our partner is a forward-thinking factory, constantly researching new technologies to present innovations, dedicating all of their efforts exclusively to socks. 

After all, NASA commissioned them for the design, development, and production of socks for its astronauts.